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  • Aug 2017, Innovative Approaches to English Teaching Workshop a success!

    For the first time since 2008, Joy English held teaching workshops in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. World-renowned storyteller Dr. Mike Lockett was keynote speaker.

  • Apr 2017, Joy releases new publication

    The Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, from more than 3000 books and magazines, has recommended Joy English’s magazine Joy to the World to elementary school and junior high school kids. This is the second time that the magazine has received an impressive commendation from the R.O.C. government.

  • Jun 2017, Joy gets 50% of the market

    Joy English’s textbooks for junior high school students is now being used by 50% of the schools nationally, ranking number one for the past ten years. In Taipei City, our textbooks are used by 80% of the school, ranking number one for the past three years.