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For over 35 years, Joy has been at the forefront of English education, with over 500 schools in Taiwan, China, and Japan. Being both a learning institute and publisher accords us control over the programs we design and quality of materials we develop, which are tailored to accommodate different age groups and needs. Not only in private sector but public sector, we commit to provide better education services and publications to meet customers’ demands.


Our people best exemplify who we are. Joy is comprised of dedicated individuals passionate about education and the welfare of children. People who themselves never stop learning and honing their skills. We know that education is a never ending journey for us and the children we teach; it is for this reason that we keep abreast of latest research and innovations in the education field that will enable us to design programs and materials that improve children's learning experience.


The Ministry of Education has selected Joy English as "International Education Coordinator" to promote international education.

The Government Information Office has recognized Joy to the World English an excellent magazine for junior high and elementary school students.

Joy English produces the majority of English textbooks used at junior high schools island-wide.

Common Wealth Magazine, Taiwan's most trusted education magazine, rated Joy English as "The Best in English Teaching."

Joy English has received the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Gold Award.

Joy English is a Winner of Sina China Education Network's Most Influential Children's English Institution.